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Talanoa with Tarisi Vunidilo 1
Talanoa from Melbourne to Seoul with Tarisi Vunidilo where she talks about #museums #archaeology #heritage in the Pacific
Talanoa with Tarisi Vunidilo 2
More talanoa time with Tarisi Vunidilo, mostly relating to Pacific partnerships, Melanesian collaborations, with PIMA.
National Museum of Vanuatu
The National Museum contains a large section of traditional artifacts, from masks and slit gongs to mats and scale models of outrigger
Guam Museum President
Guam Museum President Joseph Cameron Picked to Lead Pacific Island Museums Association
Pacific Islands Families Study
The Pacific Islands Families (PIF) Study is following a cohort of 1398 Pacific children within their family environment over the first 13 years ...
Noumea's fascinating Museum
Noumea, New Caledonia - the museum of New Caledonia. Let's go for a complete tour of this fascinating museum located in the 
Community's governing body
History in the making as representatives from the Pacific Community's (SPC) 26 member countries and territories join
Inside the Collections:
While the artifacts on display in the Margaret Mead Hall of Pacific Peoples highlight the diverse cultures of Pacific Islands, they
SAMOA'S fascinating Museum
Falemata'aga - The Museum of Samoa is Samoa's national museum. The museum is housed in a two-story colonial building of 
Getting Cultural Heritage on the National Agenda
The Honorable Ralph Regenvanu (MP, Minister of Justice and Community Services, Vanuatu) 
A Case Study from Vanuatu by Ralph Regenvanu
speaks about the innovative cultural and economic initiatives in his country and the region that attempt
Tarisi Vunidilo – Fijian Liku (skirt)
From the Peabody Museum exhibition Uncovering Pacific Pasts: Harvard’s Early Endeavors in Oceanic Anthropology. Video 


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